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North Texas Jackrabbits Track Club

***Registration for the 2023 season is CLOSED!! 


National Champions & All Americans 
2022: 17-18 year old Triple Jump National Champion Skylynn Townsend
2022: 17-18 year old 200 National Champion Aniyah Bigam
2022: 15-16 year old High Jump Champion David Madison
2022: 13-14 year old 200 hurdle Champion Jalen Lott
2022: 13-14 year old High Jump Champion Jalen Lott
2022: 17-18 year old Boys 4x400 relay (Jacob Dover Smith, Prentice Sanders, Alex Ainsworth, Charis Jackson) National Champions
2021: 15-16 year old 200 National Champion Nasya Williams
2021: 15-16 year old Triple Jump National Champion Skylynn Townsend
2021: 14 year old High Jump Champion David Madison
2021: 15-16 Girls 4x400 relay (Taylor Brown, Emma Hoang, Nasya Williams, Rachel Nelson) National Champions
2019: 13-14 year old 400 National Champion Charis Jackson 
2019: 13-14 year old 800 National Champion Charis Jackson 
2019: 15-16 year old 400 National Champion Joel Ekeanyanwu  
2019: 13-14 girls 4x100 relay National Champions-Amani Mason, Rachel Nelson, Kayla Salter, Nasya Williams
2019: 13-14 boys 4x400 relay National Champions-Ross Texada, Prentice Sanders, Damaion McPherson, Charis Jackson 
2018: 9 year old Boys Long Jump National Champion-Noah Williams
2018: 13-14 girls 4x400 relay National Champions-Ja'Liyah Patterson, Rachel Nelson, Emma Hoang, Viktorine Nguwbe 
2018: 15-16 boys 4x100 relay National Champions-Jay Thompson, Tkai Wade, Jordan Johnson, Dennis Phillips 

2017: 17-18 Young women 3200 meters National Champion-Emily Chastain 
2017: 11-12 girls 4x100 relay National Champions-Claire Schroeder, Amani Mason, Madison Brinkley, Nasya Williams 

2016: 11-12 girls 400 meters National Champion-Destiny Jones 
2016: 11-12 girls 4x800 relay National Champions-Riana Carter, Autumn Webb, Madison Karrigan, Emma Hoang 
2016:  9-10 girls 4x100 relay National Champions-Amaya Passarella, Mia Trillo, Taylor Brown, Nasya Williams
2016:  17-18 Young women 4x400 relay National Champions-Taylor Tolen, Breajae Washington, Karrington Lewis, Jaevin Reed
2015: 15-16 girls 4x400 relay National Champions-Briana Brown, Sadi Giles, Cameron McCants, Jade Hinds 
2014: 11-12 boys 4x100 relay National Champions-Grant Robinson, Taylen Green, Koby Sample, Dennis Phillips

2022 USATF All American:
8U Girls 4x100 relay (Armani Glaspie, Madison Williams, Makayla Thornton, Khloe White)
Sydney Smith-100 Hurdles (13-14)
Taylor Brown-800m (15-16)
Lesliunna Colbert-4x400 relay (15-16)
Nyla Hicks-4x400 relay (15-16)
Morgan Stewart-4x400 relay (15-16) 
Caitlyn Johnson-Triple Jump, High Jump (15-16)
Isabella Copeland-Triple Jump (17-18)
Aniyah Bigam-200, 4x100, 4x400 (17-18)
Sofia Denehy-Steeplechase (17-18)
Skylynn Townsend-Long Jump, Triple Jump (17-18)
Jalen Lott-Long Jump, High Jump, 100h, 200h (13-14)
David Madison-High Jump (15-16)
Josiah Sapp-200 (15-16)
Kingston Wiliams- High Jump (15-16)
Alex Ainsworth-4x400 relay (17-18)
Charis Jackson-400, 4x400 relay (17-18)
Prentice Sanders-4x400 relay (17-18)
Jacob Dover-Smith-4x400 relay (17-18)

2021 AAU All Americans:
Sydney Smith- Long Jump (12 yr old)
Caitlyn Johnson-Long Jump, High Jump (14 year old)
David Madison-Long Jump & High Jump(14 year old)
Skylynn Townsend-Long Jump & Triple Jump, 4x100 (15-16 year old)
Kayla Watson-Long Jump, 4x100 (15-16 year old)
Nasya Williams-200, 4x100, 4x400 (15-16 year old)
Charis Jackson-400, 4x100, 4x400
Aniyah Bigam-400, 4x400 (17-18 year old)
Madison Karrigan-1500 (17-18)
15-16 boys 4x100 relay-6th place
15-16 boys 4x400 relay-3rd place
15-16 girls 4x100 relay-3rd place
15-16 girls 4x800 relay-3rd place
17-18 girls 4x400 relay-7th place

2019: USATF All Americans
Emma Hoang-3rd place 800m (13-14 girls)
Nasya Williams-4th place 100m (13-14 girls)
Nasya Williams-4th place 200m (13-14 girls)
Madison Karrigan-6th place 800m (15-16 girls)
Viktorine Nguwbe-3rd place 400m (15-16 girls)
Charis Jackson-1st place 400m (13-14 boys)
Charis Jackson-1st place 800m (13-14 boys)
Joel Ekeanyanwu-1st place 400m (15-16 boys)
Prentice Sanders-7th place 200m (13-14 boys)
Kevin Curry IV-3rd place 1500m (15-16 boys)
Kevin Curry IV-3rd place 3000m (15-16 boys)
13-14 girls 4x100 relay-1st place
13-14 girls 4x400 relay-2nd place
15-16 girls 4x100 relay-4th place
15-16 girls 4x400 relay-3rd place
13-14 boys 4x400 relay-1st place
15-16 boys 4x100 relay-3rd place 

*2019- 44 USATF National Qualifiers
*35 Meadalist in the USATF Junior Olympics

2018-AAU All Americans
Noah Williams-1st place Long Jump (9 yr boys)
Jalen Lott-4th place Long Jump (10yr boys)
Taylor Brown-4th place 400 meters (12 yr girls)

Nasya Williams-5th place 100 meters (12 yr girls)
Nasya Williams-6th place 200 meters (12 yr girls)
Rachel Nelson-4th place 200 meters (13 yr girls)
Rachel Nelson-4th place 400 meters (13 yr girls) 
Destiny Jones-7th place 400 meters (13 yr girls) 
Emma Hoang-6th place 800 meters (13 yr girls) 
Amani Mason-4th place 100 meters (13 yr girls)
Amani Mason-4th place 200 meters (13 yr girls)
Viktorine Nguwbe-6th place 400 meters (14 yr girls)
Charli Blu Foreman-2nd place High Jump (14 yr girls)
Charli Blu Foreman-4th place Triple Jump (14 yr girls)
Haftom Foutz-2nd place 400 meters (14 yr boys) 
Macy Owens-4th place Heptathlon (15-16 girls)
Macy Owens-4th place Javelin (15-16 girls)
Dennis Phillips-2nd place 100 meters (15-16 boys)
Kevin Curry-7th place 3000 meters (15-16 boys)
Sammy Abdellatif-2nd place 3000 meters (17-18 young men)
Sammy Abdellatif-5th place 1500 meters (17-18 young men)
9-10 girls 4x100 relay-4th place
9-10 boys 4x100 relay-6th place
11-12 girls 4x100 relay-7th place
13-14 girls 4x100 relay-3rd place
13-14 girls 4x400 relay Green team-1st place
13-14 girls 4x400 relay Gold team-6th place
13-14 girls 4x800 relay 3rd place 
13-14 boys 4x100 relay-6th place
13-14 boys 4x400 relay-3rd place
15-16 boys relay-1st place

*2018- 56 AAU National Qualifiers
*62 Medalist in the 2018 AAU Junior Olympics 

2017- AAU All Americans
Noah Williams-2nd Place 200 meters (8U boys)
Noah Williams-6th place Long Jump (8U boys)

Nasya Williams-2nd place 200 meters (11 yr girls)
Kevin Curry-2nd place 1500 meters (14 yr boys)
Kevin Curry-2nd place 3000 meters (14 yr boys)
Emma Hoang-8th place 800 meters (12yr girls)

Charis Jackson-4th place 400 meters (12 yr boys)
Haftom Foutz 3rd place Long Jump (13 yr boys)

Haftom Foutz-4th place 400 meters (13 yr boys)
CJ Ekeanyawu-4th place 400 meters (14 yr boys)
Madison Brinkley-7th place Long jump (12 yr girls)
Charlie Blu Foreman-3rd place High jump (13 yr girls)
Kaylee Lewis-5th place 100 meters (14 yr girls)
Kaylee Lewis-6th place 100 meters (14 yr girls)
Toi Williams-5th place 800 meters (17-18 young women)
Emily Chastain-8th place 1500 meters (17-18 Young women)
11-12 girls 4x400 relay-2nd place
11-12 girls 4x800 relay-2nd place
11-12 boys 4x100 relay-4th place
11-12 boys 4x400 relay-4th place
13-14 girls 4x100 relay-6th place
13-14 girls 4x400 relay-3rd place
13-14 girls 4x800 relay-4th place 
13-14 boys 4x400 relay-4th place

*2017-62 AAU National Qualifiers 
*56 medalist in the 2017 AAU Junior Olympics 

2016 AAU All Americans
Jaevin Reed-2nd Place 400 meters (17-18 young women)
Kevin Curry-2nd Place 3000 meters , 5th place 1500 meters (13 year old boys)
Nasya Williams-3rd place 100 meters, 4th place 200 meters (10 year old girls)
Dennis Phillips-3rd place 100 meters (14 year old boys)
Jenna Thorman-4th place 3000 meters (17-18 young women)
Jenna Thorman-5th place 1500 meters (17-18 young women)
Jordan Johnson-7th place Long jump (13 year old boys)
9-10 girls 4x100 relay-1st place
11-12 girls 4x800 relay-1st place
17-18 young women 4x400 relay-1st place
17-18 young women 4x100 relay-2nd place 
13-14 boys 4x100 relay-6th place
11-12 girls 4x400 A relay-4th place
11-12 girls 4x400 B relay-8th place
11-12 girls 4x800 B relay-9th place

*2016- 56 Jackrabbits AAU National Qualifiers, 35 medalist 
*2016- 23 Jackrabbits USATF National Qualifiers, 8 medalist 

Camryn Brown - Girls 14U 200m & 400m
 Destiny Jones - 400mTaylor Green - Long Jump
Isabella Zanoni - 1500mCameron McCants - 100m
Jenna Thorman - 3000m
Kaylee Lewis - 200m
Emily Chastain - 3000m
Jaevin Reed - 400mDennis Phillips - 100m & 200m
Charis Jackson - 400m13-14 girls 4x400
Kevin Curry - 300011-12 girls 4x800
9-10 girls - 4x100 
11-12 girls - 4x400 2014-38 Jackrabbits USATF National Qualifiers 
11-12 girls - 4x800 
15-16 girls - 4x100  
15-16 girls - 4x400
2016-42 Jackrabbits USATF National Qualifiers 
2023 Registration is now CLOSED for ALL age divisions. 

2024 season registration will open on December 1st. 

Congratulations Kelis Armstrong signing with Howard University to continue her academic and athletic career!
Congratulation Madison Karrigan signing with Oral Roberts University to continue her academic and athletic career!
Congratulations Nadia Thomas signing with Southern University A&M to continue her academic and athletic career!
Congratulations Kayla Johnson signing with Southern University A&M to continue her academic and athletic career! 

Congratulations Kaylee Lewis signing with University of Oregon to continue her academic and athletic career!
Congratulations Hannah Stoutmire signing with Howard University to continue her academic and athletic career!
Congratulations Macy Owens signing with University of Arkansas to continue her academics and athletic 
Congratulations Jaden Mathews signing with Libscomb University to continue her academics and athletic career! 
Congratulations CJ Ekeanyanwu will be attending LSU to continue his academic and athletic career!! 
Congratulations Jordan Johnson signing with University of Hawaii to continue his academic and athletic career (Football)!
Congratulations Grant Robinson signing with Furman University to continue his academic and athletic career (Football)!
Congratulations Taylen Green signing with Boise State University to continue his academic and athletic career (Football)! 

Congratulations Dennis Phillips signing with TCU to continue his academic and athletic career!! 
Congratulations Rihana Gray on earning a FULL academic scholarship to University of Texas at Austin to continue her academic and track career!! 

Congratulation Sam Abdellatif on earning a track scholarship to Xavier University of New Orleans!! 
Congratulations and best of luck to all 2018 graduating Jackrabbits taking their track talents to college!
Jade Hinds-UCLA
Emily Chastain-Texas A&M University 
Sadi Giles- Texas State University
Cameron McCants-Prairie View A&M

-Congratulations to Jaevin Reed-2017 All SEC Freshman at Texas A&M, earned 3 NCAA All Americans her Freshman year 400, 4x400 indoor, 4x400 outdoor, and silver medalist in 400 meters AND GOLD medalist in 4x400 relay at PAN AMERICAN WORLD CHAMPIONSCHIPS 

-Best of luck to all 2017 graduating Jackrabbits taking their track talents to college!! 
Karrington Lewis-ACU
Taylor Tolen-ACU
Jenna Thorman-DBU
Jordan Gray-Texas A&M Commerce
Chloe Cebrun-SBU 
A'Nia Diggs-University of  Oregon

-Congratulations to 2016 Jackrabbit graduate, Jaevin Reed, 9 year Jackrabbit member will be attending and running track at Texas A&M University 
-Jackrabbit alumni-Bianca Brazil makes history with Oklahoma University's 4x100 relay to win the 2016 Big 12 championships and advanced to NCAA. Bianca Ran 1st leg. 
-Jackrabbit alumni-Cody Cunningham ran anchor leg on 4x100 for the Baylor Bears at the 2016 Big 12 Championships

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Special thanks to those who supported the JackRabbits to help make our organization successful.

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Who We Are

The Jackrabbits Track Club is non-profit 501C3 organization which was established in 2008 under the direction of Omar and Sheila Stoutmire.

The team is TAAF, USATF and AAU affiliated.

We are a "Select" track club for the youth ages 7-18 years-old.

We highly encourage discipline and dedication in order for each young athlete to develop the proper skills to assist them in the sport of Track & Field. We believe Classroom behavior and Academics are essential as we instill the importance of them both with our athletes at all times throughout the season.

This is a diverse track club that is family-friendly amongst the parent, coaches, and athletes that's highly competitive.

We ask those who are just seeking for a Recreational type team or "Training" for their child to consider another team. Dedication and commitment are two huge factors we encourage throughout the "Entire" season, not just temporary.


  • Learn proper running mechanics, form and specific race strategies through organized workouts.
  • Build great sportsmanship and character for everyone.
  • Maintain a positive family friendly team amongst the athletes, coaches and parents at all times.
  • Encourage great work ethic in order to become a better overall athlete.
  • Create a positive environment for all athletes of various fitness and competition levels.
  • Develop strong bodies, minds, self-discipline, self-esteem, and high moral standards.
  • •Teach Proper nutrition, hydration of the body, and building strong bodies to become a healthy athlete.