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Jackrabbits Scholars and Champions

One of our main objectives for our student athletes is to maintain a solid GPA in the classroom. They should be able to balance their school work with their extra curricular activities. In order to be successful in the sport, they must also be successful in the classroom. We acknolwedge our Jackrabbit scholars every season with a Jackrabbit medallion and other awards for those who maintained straight A's during the school year. Our coaches instill the importance of good study skills, and achievement in school to be a successful student athlete. 

Recent Jackrabbit Scholars: 
2019: Jaylen Patterson, Sydnee Harper, Emma Hoang, Nasya Williams, Amani Mason, Rachel Nelson, Ja'Liyah Patterson, Dennis Phillips, Taylor Brown, Sheldon Phillips, Stefania Fiorni, Chloe Stanfield, 
2018: Kaylee Lewis, Sheldon King, Dennis Phillips, Stefania Florini, Madison Brinkley, Claire Schroeder, Lia Dinges, Camryn McPhaul, Taylor Brown, Sydney Harper, Mckenzie Webb, Emma Hoang 
2017 Noah Williams, Emily Chastain, Wilma Blitz, Stefani Florini, Gabby Gilmore, Kaylee Lewis, Taylor Tolen, Dennis Phillips, Taylor Brown, Hailee Harper, Lia Dinges, Isabella Zanoni, Madison Brinkley, Azariah Love, Sadira Love, Claire Schroeder 
2016 Jackrabbits Scholars-Emily Chastain, Kelis Armstrong
2015 Jackrabbs Scholars-Emily Chastain, Jaevin Reed, Kevin Curry, Autumn Webb, Mckenzie Webb, Grant Robinson, Talen Green, Hannah Stoutmire, Taylor Tolen, Alex Lee, Camryn Brown, Mia Dorsett, Isabella Zanoni
2014 Jackrabbits scholars-Kevin Curry, Ash Webber, Hannah Stoutmire, Jaevin Reed, Autumn Webb, Emily Chastain, Grant Robinson, Talen Green, Camryn Brown, Jacquelyn Pitra, Trey Taylor

Jackrabbits College Bound- We had several Jackrabbits make huge accomplishments in their events and in academics to help get them to the next level. Another one of our key objectives is to assist all of our student athletes in getting exposure during their high school years to help get a scholarship to college. 

From Jackrabbits to College:
2013: Cole Stallcup-Stephen F Austin (200, 400)
2014: JP Coward- Oklahoma Baptist University (100, 200, and football) 
2014: AJ Brown-Tulsa University (200, 400)
2014: Bianca Brazil- Oklahoma University (100, 100m hurdles) 
2014: Riley Schweitz- Troy University (heptathlon)
2015: Kris Armstrong- Sterling College (hurdles) 
2015: Cody Cunningham- Baylor University (100, 200, 400) 
2016: Jaevin Reed- Texas A&M University (200, 400) 
2017: Karrington Lewis-Albelene Christian University (100, 200)
2017: Taylor Tolen-Albelene Christian University (100, 200) 
2017: Jenna Thorman-Dallas Baptist University (1500, 3000) 
2017: Chloe Cebrun-Southern Baptist University (400) 
2017: A'Nia Diggs-University of Houston (100, 200) 
2017: Jordan Gray-Texas A&M Commerce (100, 200, 400 and football) 
2018: Jade Lewis-UCLA (400)
2018: Sadi Giles-Texas State University (100, 200)
2018: Emily Chastain-Texas A&M University (1500, 3000) 
2019: Ceniya Green-Alcorn State University (100, 200)