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2017 Season Highlights

2017 Indoor Season:
Senior Taylor Tolen  5th place finalist in the 60 meters at the Dunamis indoor invitational in Frisco. Taylor also finished 4th place in the Emerging Elite 60 meter finals at the New Balance Nationals in New York. 
2017 Outdoor season: 
- We had 62 National Qualifiers to compete at the AAU Junior Olympics in Detroit, Michigan 
-  53 of our Athletes medaled All American in the finals 
-  Emily Chastain 3000m National Champion 17-18 yr old young women 
- 10 relays qualified which 8 out of 10 of the relays medaled All American in the finals
- 11-12 girls 4x100 relay won the gold with a time of 50.15 (Claire Schroeder, Amani Mason, Madison Brinkley, Nasya Williams)
- Silver Medalist-11-12 girls 4x400, 4x800 relays. Nasya Williams 11 yr old 200m, Noah Williams 8U 200m, Kevin Curry 14 yr old 1500 and 3000 meters 
- Bronze Medalist-Haftom Foutz 13 yr old boys long jump 
-Other Individual All Americans: Charis Jackson 12 yr old 400, EJ Ekeanawu 14 yr old 400, Haltom Foutz 13 yr old 400, Emma Hoang 12 yr old 800, Toi Williams 17-18 young women 800m, Kaylee Lewis 14 yr old 100m and 200m, Madison Brinkley 12 yr old long jump, Noah Williams 8U long jump, Charli Blue Foreman 13 yr old high jump, Emily Chastain 17-18 yr old 1500m. 

2016 Season Highlights

2016 was an exciting season for us!! 
Indoor season:
Sadi Giles finished 2nd (200m) in the Galleria of Games Indoor meet in Birmingham for the 15-16 age group
Jaevin Reed finished 2nd (200m) in the Galleria of Games Indoor meet in Birmingham for 17-18 age group 
Girls 4x400 relay finished 4th overall with a team of (Sofia Martin, Sadi Giles, Briana Brown, and Jaevin Reed) at the Texas A&M HS Indoor Invitational 
Jaevin Reed wins the 400m overall at the Arkansas Indoor HS invitational 
Sadi Giles finished 2nd in 200m overall at the Arkansas Indoor HS Invitational 
Said Giles finished 3rd overall in the 200m at New Balance Indoor Nationals for the Emerging Elite division and was a top qualifier in the 60m 

Outdoor Season:

-We had 23 out of 29 Jackrabbits advance to USATF Junior Olympics in Sacramento, California 
-Our 11-12 4x800 B team finished 7th overall and medaled All American 
-Toi Williams finished 6th place in the 15-16 girls 800m and ran a personal best time of 2:16
-We had 54 Jackrabbits qualify to AAU Junior Olympics in Humble, Texas
-8 relays qualified to AAU Junior Olympics, 7 out of 8 placed and medaled All American and each one ran season best times 
-3 relays were National Champions, 9-10 girls 4x100, 11-12 girls 4x800 A team and 17-18 Young women 4x400 relay
-17-18 Young women 4x100 relay were runner ups and ran a season best time of 45.3
-11 Year old Destiny Jones won National Championship in the 400 meters and anchored the 4x400 relay which they ran a season best time of 4:05 and finished 4th place 
-Jaevin Reed was runner up in the 17-18 young women 400 meter and ran a lifetime best time of 53.3 
-Kevin Curry was runner up in the 3200 and 4th in the 1500. Kevin ran lifetime best times in both events
-Dennis Phillips won the bronze in the 13-14 boys 100m with a lifetime best time of 10.93 
-Nasya Williams won the bronze in the 10 year girls 100m and finished 4th in the 200m Nasya was also the anchor leg of the 9-10 year old National Champion 4x100 relay

-Overall we had 12 individual All americans and each one ran their personal best times or hit their best marks in field events. 

2015 Season highlights

Jaevin Reed
2015 200m champ at the Texas A&M high school indoor classic invitational 
2015 USATF Southwestern Association and Region 12 Champion in the 17-18 girls 400m

Camryn Brown
TAAF State Champion in 14U girls 200m and 400m

15-16 Girls 4x400 Relay - Briana Brown, Sadi Giles, Cameron McCants, and Jade Hinds
National Champions at the USATF Junior Olympics

Destiny Jones
9-10 girls 400m 3rd place at the USATF Junior Olympics

15-16 Girls 4x100 Relay - Kierra Williams, Jade Hinds, Sadi Giles, and Cameron McCants

3rd place at the USATF Junior Olympics

9-10 Girls 4x100 Relay - Nasya Williams, Claire Schroeder, Amaya Haley, Destiny Jones
4th place at the USATF Junior Olympics

11-12 Girls 4x400 Relay - Jaden Mathews, Kaylee Lewis, Hannah Stoutmire, Claire Shirey
4th place at the USATF Junior Olympics

11-12 Girls 4x800 Relay - Madison Karrigan, Autumn Webb, Hannah Stoutmire, Jaden Mathews
4th place at the USATF Junior Olympics

2014 Standouts

Jaevin Reed
200m champ at the University of Arkansas High School Invitational

Girls 4x400 relay at the Arkansas High School Indoor Invitational 

12U Boys 4x100 - Grant Robinson, Taylen Green, Koby Sample, Dennis Phillips
2014 USATF National Champions & All-Americans


Dennis Phillips-12u 100m & 200m
Taylen Green-12U Long Jump and broke State meet record! 
Kevin Curry-12U 1600m
Isabella Zanoni-10U 1600m
Sam Abdellatif-14U 1600m
12U boys 4x100 relay: Grant Robinson, Taylen Green, Koby Sample, Dennis Phillips
14U Girls 4x100 relay: Sadi Giles, Kierra Williams, Jade Hinds, Cameron McCants
14U Girls 4x400 relay: Jade Hinds, Jacquelyn Pitra, Sadi Giles, Karlina Sample


Taylen Green-2nd in 12U boys Long Jump
Cameron McCants-3rd in 14U girls 100m
Emily Chastain-5th in 14U 3200m
Dennis Phillips-4th in 12U boys 100m, and 7th in 200m
Girls 14U 4x400 Relay-2nd place (Sadi Giles, Karlina Sample, Camryn Brown, Cameron McCants) 
Girls 12U 4x800 Relay-8th place (Maia Brown, Hannah Stoutmire, Jaden Mathews, Keyah Edmonds)