North Texas Jackrabbits

Frequently Asked Questions

Jackrabbits Track Club is a “Program” not just a recreational type track team. The athletes are actually conditioned in the early spring to prepare them to run faster, increase strength, stamina, and instructed to run correctly through proper mechanics and drills during practice. All of these aspects will prepare them for their specific events, weather it being; sprints, distance, hurdles, or field events. The training method is wellstructured so the young athletes are not over training and peak at the proper time throughout the season. The specific events coaches are committed and dedicated to train each of the athletes and stress the importance of attendance, diet, and staying focused, but keeping academics and family first of course! Please be sure to read the FAQʼs thoroughly to reassure Jackrabbits is the team you feel will be best for your childʼs Track & Field experience. We do not offer try-outs, the club is open to the community and were willing to work with anyone seeking an Elitelevel team thatʼs FUN & FAMILY FRIENDLY with a knowledgable and trusting coaching staff.

How long is the season?
Practice will begin early Spring, the meet schedule runs from the end of May to the end of July.
How important is practice attendance? Is it mandatory to attend each practice?
A variety of fundamental concepts need to be covered in Track & Field for all events. The coaches spend quality time and commitment into each workout to reassure the athletes progress at the proper time of training and refrain from injuries to result in optimal performance. Therefore, we highly recommend attendance to all practice sessions, especially if your child's priority sport during the summer is going to be track then It's crucial to commit to all practice sessions in the spring and summer. (Unless excused for illness, family emergencies, and academics).
Is it an issue if my child is involved with other sports during track season?
It's not an issue at all. Schedule conflicts should be discussed with the child's events coach, however the summer practice days are 4 days a week, 3 out of the 4 days of practice is highly recommended in preparation for the Saturday meets.
Is participation in all track meets mandatory?
Full participation is encouraged to everyone including practice and meets, particularly those who are totally committed to the Jackrabbits program and has placed track as a #1 priority for their summer sport. The meet schedule will be released early enough to plan family vacations, or to check for any possible schedule conflicts.
My son/ daughter has never run track before, so I am not sure what events will be best for them.
The coaches will use their best judgement to determine your child's strengths from the workouts and place them in the event(s) they feel your child will have the best potential in. It is likely some will shift various events throughout the season. Please trust the coaches to “Coach” your child.
What should my child bring to practice?
Water/ low sugar sport drinks, wear comfortable workout attire (weather appropriate) and running shoes. Spikes will only be needed when the season begins. During the summer months we recommend a cooler with ice, water, a wet towel to keep cool, and sunblock. Please be sure NOT to send your child to practice with basketball high tops, sketchers, or dance shoes. A comfortable running shoe with arch and heal support is needed. Wearing the appropriate shoe will prevent from typical Shin splits, inflammation of heal and achilles tendons. These injuries are very common in young athletes wearing the wrong shoes to practice or from improper running technique during practice.
How long are the track meets and when are they scheduled?
All meets take place on Saturdays. Be prepared to plan your day from 7AM-5PM. (See the information on what to bring to a track meet).
Is it okay for my child to just practice with the team but not participate in the meets?
Again, the Jackrabbits is a program, not a “Drop-in training class” so we ask for your commitment and dedication to the track club for the best interest of your child as being a Track & Field participant. The workouts will benefit any athlete in various sports, so if you decide on track to assist your child in an alternate sport, that is totally fine, but respect to the coaches and teammates is essential by communicating and attending practice/ track meets regularly. There is only one registration fee everyone pays to receive the entire package of being a Jackrabbit, not just to receive apparel or for the use of effective workouts.
How important is nutrition and any tips on what my child should eat the day of a meet?
Nutrition is just as important as the training for the young athletes throughout the season. It's also something often overlooked by parents. One of our jobs as coaches is to teach proper nutrition intake to the team (parents and athletes) in order to refrain from injuries, and to assist in effective performance during practice and of course the meets. The number one poison parents often allow their child to eat is SUGAR snacks and drinks!! Your child will absolutely NOT reap any benefits to their training and performance with over consumption of the following: Candy, chips, cookies, cakes, fried foods, and sodas. Yes, they are kids and those are the type of things they enjoy to eat. However, OVER consumption of any of the above prior to workouts or on a day of track meet, is not acceptable. Here's what we do recommend at least a few hours prior to practice: Sandwich, salad, goldfish snacks, pretzels, crackers, trail mix, fruit, and WATER!! The day before a meet, we encourage consumption of 8 to 10 glasses of water, lean protein (chicken or seafood), and a pasta dinner. The day of the meet Breakfast is important but keep the serving sizes in moderation, especially depending on what time of the day your child's events are scheduled. Breakfast options-Pancakes, Waffle (low sugar syrup), turkey bacon or sausage, wheat toast, hot/cold cereal or oatmeal, fruit, yogurt, cereal or nutrition bar. Here's a list of things we suggest you pack in your cooler for the track meets: Fruit, water, low sugar sport drinks, yogurt, cheese n'crackers, nutrition/ cereal bar, sandwich (lean meat & cheese, tuna/ chicken, peanut butter N' jelly), trail mix and crackers.